STRA VICENZA 2016, running competitive race Sunday, March 20 at 9:30 am

Sunday, March 20, 2016 along the main streets of Vicenza there will be the competitive running race over 10 km called StraVicenza.

We are now at the sixteenth edition, the route will wind through the streets of the old town and everyone can participate; there will be different routes. They will be involved the various green areas in Vicenza, Campo Marzio, the Giardini Salvi and Querini Park.

The non-competitive version for families will be 2 km, then the paths will be of 5 or 10 km depending on the preparation’s degree.

The race will start in Viale Roma, the end will be in Campo Marzio.

For all information please visit the page

During the race the will be the initiative stravicenza 2016 with the traffic’s block in the historic city center. For our customers who want to use their cars simply fill out a self-certification by following the above link

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