EXHIBITION “OVER THE GARDEN”, Villa da Schio Costozza

Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th of May 2016 in the Garden of Villa da Schio Costozza will be held the exhibition dedicated to the plant world market.

The garden becomes a place where people can reflect, discuss, think, decorate, entertain. The exhibitors will be few and highly specialized selected primarily on the luxury market. Various cultural events enrich the days as the temporary exhibition “Contamination” curated by Simone Crestani and Bruno Pedrosa. The first is an artist in glass lampwork, the second is an engraver. By working together they create elaborate works in glass.

They will be offered the flowery cocktail, Italian aperitifs enriched by flower essences.

For more information please visit the website of Villa da Schio http://www.costozza-villadaschio.it and the site http://www.piazzadaschio.it/costozza

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