Suoni tra le Malghe – Voci delle Bregonze is a musical festival that takes place in the hills and mountains of the Alto Vicentino. Participants are invited to reach the concert venues mainly on foot, with excursions of varying length and difficulty, suitable for all needs. The proposed concerts embrace different musical genres and participation is always free. The “Sounds among the alpine pastures-Voices of the Bregonze” were created with the intention of promoting a “sweet” approach to the mountains. The mountains can be reached from Vicenza within a day and starting from our Relais Santa Corona about 50 minutes by car.

The terrace of the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza reopens

Not just a terrace with a breathtaking view, but the terrace of one of the most beautiful monuments in existence.

The terrace this year will be open from Friday 20 May 2022 until October.

To access, you need to buy a ticket at the entrance to the monument at a cost of 2 euros per person.

A place of great charm, much loved by the people of Vicenza, it allows you to admire the beauty of the historic center from above, rich in history, monuments and palaces.

The Palladian Basilica is the symbolic building of Vicenza. Renowned for the Serliane loggia, designed by the great architect Andrea Palladio, which surrounds the medieval Palazzo della Ragione, it has been included by Unesco in the list of World Heritage Sites.

HOURS: Every Friday and Saturday, from 7pm to 1am, and on Sunday from 6.30pm to 11pm, the bar service will be active. Admission is scheduled up to 30 minutes before closing.


Opening of the patrol path in Marostica

It is one of the most popular scenic routes for tourists. Easily practicable, it leads to a visit to the upper part of the walled city, passing through Piazza Ortigara in Borgo Giara, the original settlement of Marostica. Entering through Porta Bassano, follow the mighty Scaliger walls closely, taking us towards the Carmini Church, and then take the Monte Pausolino path that leads to the Upper Castle in the middle of a large and shady olive plantation. From here you return to the starting point by retracing your steps or by taking the “Antica Strada dei Frati” path, so called because it connected the parish churches along the route that went from the right bank of the Brenta to Thiene. Take it as soon as you leave the East Gate of the Upper Castle and descend to the north of the manor following the appropriate signs.

Opening of the Camino de Ronda

Every Sunday and public holidays, from March to November, the Walk of Ronda awaits you on the walls of Marostica!
Hours: from 10.30 to 17.30
Rates: Adult € 5.00 – Reduced € 3.00 (under 14)
possibility to buy Cumulative Ticket (Lower Castle + Ronda Way) at the ticket office of the Castle
for more information:
Pro Marostica Association
Piazza Castello, 1
0424 72127


“New Conversations-Vicenza Jazz” was born in 1996 and immediately imposed itself, due to the particularity of the project, in the European panorama of spring festivals. From the first edition, the artistic direction has been signed by Riccardo Brazzale.

The period is in fact, since 1996, that of May and involves, for about ten days, the historical places of Vicenza, City of Palladio, included in the Unesco world list: first of all the Olympic Theater (the oldest covered theater in the world , built in 1585) but also the churches and ancient buildings, as well as theaters and auditoriums and the suggestive outdoor places, from Piazza dei Signori to Corso Palladio and Campo Marzo, involving bars, restaurants, shops, cinemas, museums, exhibition venues and libraries.

The main characterization of the festival derives from having placed in contact and within classical spaces, such as the Palladian ones, a type of music with a strong innovative impact, as jazz is historically considered.

Discover the Vicenza Jazz 2022 program in Vicenza by clicking on the following link:


Tickets for the 2022 edition of the Omaggio a Palladio festival are on sale from Wednesday 9 February 2022 at the headquarters of the Società del Quartetto (Vicolo Cieco Retrone 24, Vicenza / tel . +39 0444 543729) and online on the Vivaticket circuit (

ANDREA BARCA. Presented as an elusive Italian musician, it would actually be a play on words: it corresponds to the Italianization of the name Andras Schiff, and therefore turns out to be a parody of the maestro.
Below, a joking “curriculum”, probably written by Schiff himself, on his Italian “namesake”; note that the same master resides in the Florentine countryside.
«Andrea Barca was a Florentine composer about whom little is known, despite the diligent commitment of modern musicologists. He was born between 1730 and 1735 in Marignolle, near Florence, of peasant parents. He had a close proximity to Mozart in the concert of April 2, 1770, in the villa of Poggio Imperiale in Florence, when he collaborated as a page turner. After that concert he decided to dedicate his life to the performance of Mozart’s piano works; his enthusiasm for this music also brought him to Salzburg, where his efforts were received with alternating evaluations by the local press; soon therefore he returned to Tuscany. Among his compositions, his main work is “La ribollita bruciata”, a playful drama in two acts, which can be considered the culmination of the Tuscan musical production of the time. ”

Our Relais Santa corona is just a few minutes walking from the Olympic Theatre.


VICENZA 16-20 MARZO 2022

The appointments of ViOff, the Vicenza Fiera edition of March 2022, continue until Sunday 20 March.
The event will take place in the exclusive location at number 72 of Corso Palladio in Vicenza.
For the duration of the five days, the works of three important artists, Lorenzo Quinn, Andrea Roggi and Wrad will be exhibited on the ground floor, while in the basement there will be an immersive audio experience with 432 Hz by Debago. A Bistrot and Lounge will be active, where you can taste organic products and attend talks organized to talk about sustainability and the environment. The top floor will instead be dedicated to workshops and creative activities for children and adults. Involving the citizens, the protagonists of the historic center and the guests who will be in Vicenza for the international appointment dedicated to jewelery, Vicenzaoro “All at once” 2022: this is the challenge that VIOFF Golden Green wants to win, focusing on a theme that we all have in common, that of sustainability: ever stronger, more current, of which we are all actors. VIOFF proposes, for the first time as a reflection for the event, the development of events, contents and activities related to the theme of ecology, green economy, sustainability expressed in its various dimensions and forms. A decisive event also designed to focus on the challenges that the city and the whole country must pursue, deriving from the objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda and by the UN. The location can be reached in a few minutes on foot from our Relais Santa Corona.


Villa Valmarana ai Nani in Vicenza consists of three buildings located in a large park. The Palazzina (1669), the Foresteria and the Scuderia (1720) are surrounded by rose gardens, an Italian garden with a scenic backdrop and a well, and a hornbeam.
The Palazzina and the Foresteria are frescoed by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, called in 1757 by the owner, Giustino Valmarana. The Villa takes its name from the statues of the 17 stone dwarves, once scattered in the garden, now arranged on the wall surrounding the property. The suggestive legend of Princess Layana is linked to them. It is assumed that the real executor of the Dwarves is Francesco Uliaco and the inspirer Giandomenico Tiepolo.
Sunday 27 February 2022 Villa Valmarana ai Nani will be colored with sounds, images and delicacies to celebrate the first Carnival concert in collaboration with Be Ancient Be Cool.
Two hours of fascinating Baroque, Vicentine and Venetian music, a good glass of wine and a pleasant guided tour of the frescoed rooms of the Palazzina della Villa.
For the occasion, the trio Oblivion Soave will perform, with a soprano accompanied by archlute and baroque cello, a selection of Canzoni da Battello, a repertoire performed by Venetian gondoliers in the first half of the eighteenth century, famous for being burlesque, ironic It is funny.
At the end of the concert, everyone present will be offered a glass of wine or fruit juice, for the little ones, accompanied by biscuits from the confectionery firm Loison.
The event will end with a guided tour of the building, frescoed in the mid-1700s by Giambattista Tiepolo and his son Giandomenico.
For tickets, please visit the website:
The villa can be reached from the center of Vicenza and from the Relais Santa Corona in about 15 minutes on foot.


Vicenza can be the perfect destination in Veneto to reach Venice in one day in just 50 minutes by train: our Relais Santa Corona is only a few minutes’ walk from the station. The 2022 “Remenber the future” carnival includes various events in the city until March 1st; it will be a multidimensional event, in which the physicality of the traditional event in presence is integrated with the virtual part, using technology to involve the whole audience of the Carnival, including those who want to participate remotely, from all over the world. The Artistic Direction is by Massimo Checchetto, set designer of the La Fenice Theater.

“Remember the Future” is the title chosen for this edition, and is inspired by a quote from Salvador Dalì: And most of all I remember the future.

“Walking through Venice, although with a specific destination, one is forced to constantly change direction, the calli end in a turning; behind a turning point a surprise, often a wonder, almost always a future. For the theme of this year’s Venice Carnival I thought about our future, that future that this city full of past unleashes in those who live it. Just a place in constant contradiction, where dreams and reality merge ”- declares Massimo Checchetto.

Carnival is a surreal game, beyond logic. Remembering the future seems like a paradox, but precisely this responds to the most authentic spirit of Carnival: a subversion of meaning that allows you to ‘open up’ the mind and open up possible unexpected scenarios. An introspective and creative journey that everyone can undertake to discover the most hidden desires and the most secret aspects of their personality. With the freedom of anonymity, because today, behind a mask, another mask is hidden.

To be updated on all the events visit the official website:

Vicenza: a widespread museum

Six works by Maestro Andrea Roggi will embellish Vicenza from 28 January to 22 August 2022 on the occasion of the exhibition “Terra Mater | Earth and Heaven ”which anticipates VIOFFGoldenGreen, scheduled from 16 to 20 March 2022.
The exhibition is proposed as a path of aesthetic and intellectual contemplation around the themes that inspire the poetics of the renowned Tuscan artist: the relationship with nature combined with the personal one with one’s own cultural roots, as well as the relationship between the individual and time, related to the protagonist. undisputed initiative: Mother Earth.
The exhibition locations that will design an evocative artistic and cultural path are:

  • piazza dei Signori,
  • la Loggia del Capitaniato,
  • piazza delle Erbe,
  • piazzale Alcide De Gasperi,
  • piazza San Lorenzo

Our Relais Santa Corona is very close to all the locations, reachable within a few minutes on foot.

For more informations:

Vicenza, the perfect base to visit Padua

It is the heart and historical seat of the University, which has been housed there since the end of the fifteenth century. It has the world’s first stable anatomical theater, completed in 1595: it is the world’s first example of a permanent structure created for teaching anatomy through the dissection of cadavers. This technique, which evolved hand in hand with the development of medical science, became recurrent in the fifteenth century: the documents of the time testify to the widespread construction of temporary structures, which were assembled and disassembled when necessary, in which the anatomists kept their lessons and performed the interventions. Their shape resembled that of the Roman amphitheaters. The bodies for autopsies were delivered to the University by the judicial authorities: they were often, but not always, executed. For more info visit the website

Vicenza and our Relais Santa Corona are the ideal starting points for visiting the Veneto, Padua is only 15 minutes away by fast regional train!

Vicenza and our Relais Santa Corona are the ideal starting points for visiting the Veneto, Padua is only 15 minutes away by fast regional train!

Il Teatro anatomico di Padova: il più antico nel suo genere - OUBLIETTE  MAGAZINE