PORTRAIT OF WOMAN new exhibition – Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza

“Portrait of a woman. The dream of the Twenties and the look of Ubaldo Oppi”.

From 6 December 2019 to 13 April 2020, the Municipality of Vicenza will inaugurate the first of a series of 3 exhibitions planned over the next few years in the beautiful setting of the Palladian Basilica. The exhibition is curated by Stefania Portinari, researcher of contemporary art stories at the Cà Foscari University of Venice. As the title suggests, the theme will be given by the painter Ubaldo Oppi, from Vicenza by adoption (in reality he was born in Bologna in 1889). But not only Oppi: Klimt, Picasso, Modigliani, Sironi and Casorati are other artists who came into contact with Oppi, whose works can be admired in an unprecedented narration of a controversial era, the 1920s, in which many changes contribute to creating modernity, through an evolution of social roles, taste and art. The main protagonists of these changes are women and this exhibition is dedicated to them in particular. Images of great charm (about a hundred works on display, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, dresses and jewels) that will win over the visitors of the exhibition in an unpublished tale of the modernity of the Twenties, represented by the icons of Ubaldo Oppi’s women. Our Relais Santa Corona is the ideal point to discover our beautiful city of Vicenza and its center.

JEWELS FOR PEACE exhibition at the Museum of the Jewel of Vicenza

until 7 January 2015, the Jewellery Museum in the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza will host an exhibition on the theme of peace . Young international emerging designers will parcipitate at the temporary exhibition elaborating these important subjects with educational and social order .

The jewels were never approached before in this concept , staying away from any political or religious ideal ; but there are many artists , writers , singers who have touched and explored the theme , from John Lennon to Gandhi , Albert Schweitzer to Alfred Nobel . For further information please visit the Jewellery Museum

FLOW, contemporary art exhibition in Basilica Palladiana

Until the 1th of November inside the Basilica Palladiana there will the temporary exbition FLOW, italian and chinese art dialogue.
The exhibition involve 25 chinese and italian artists which try to create a communication beetween two different cultures, the east and the west. It’s a group exhibition but also individual becouse every artist has his own space for show two operas. The exhibition can be interpreted in three different ways: the personal gaze, the contact with the artist’s vision, the relationship beetween the old and the new, the artist’s role in our society. In the exhibition there will be videos, paintings, projetcs. The curators are Peng Feng and Maria Yvonne Pugliese, for more information visit her web site

The ticket costs just 5 euro and gives the possibility to visit also the Palladiam Loggias of the Basilica.