“New Conversations-Vicenza Jazz” was born in 1996 and immediately imposed itself, due to the particularity of the project, in the European panorama of spring festivals. From the first edition, the artistic direction has been signed by Riccardo Brazzale.

The period is in fact, since 1996, that of May and involves, for about ten days, the historical places of Vicenza, City of Palladio, included in the Unesco world list: first of all the Olympic Theater (the oldest covered theater in the world , built in 1585) but also the churches and ancient buildings, as well as theaters and auditoriums and the suggestive outdoor places, from Piazza dei Signori to Corso Palladio and Campo Marzo, involving bars, restaurants, shops, cinemas, museums, exhibition venues and libraries.

The main characterization of the festival derives from having placed in contact and within classical spaces, such as the Palladian ones, a type of music with a strong innovative impact, as jazz is historically considered.

Discover the Vicenza Jazz 2022 program in Vicenza by clicking on the following link:

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