VICENZA 16-20 MARZO 2022

The appointments of ViOff, the Vicenza Fiera edition of March 2022, continue until Sunday 20 March.
The event will take place in the exclusive location at number 72 of Corso Palladio in Vicenza.
For the duration of the five days, the works of three important artists, Lorenzo Quinn, Andrea Roggi and Wrad will be exhibited on the ground floor, while in the basement there will be an immersive audio experience with 432 Hz by Debago. A Bistrot and Lounge will be active, where you can taste organic products and attend talks organized to talk about sustainability and the environment. The top floor will instead be dedicated to workshops and creative activities for children and adults. Involving the citizens, the protagonists of the historic center and the guests who will be in Vicenza for the international appointment dedicated to jewelery, Vicenzaoro “All at once” 2022: this is the challenge that VIOFF Golden Green wants to win, focusing on a theme that we all have in common, that of sustainability: ever stronger, more current, of which we are all actors. VIOFF proposes, for the first time as a reflection for the event, the development of events, contents and activities related to the theme of ecology, green economy, sustainability expressed in its various dimensions and forms. A decisive event also designed to focus on the challenges that the city and the whole country must pursue, deriving from the objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda and by the UN. The location can be reached in a few minutes on foot from our Relais Santa Corona.

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