Opening of the patrol path in Marostica

It is one of the most popular scenic routes for tourists. Easily practicable, it leads to a visit to the upper part of the walled city, passing through Piazza Ortigara in Borgo Giara, the original settlement of Marostica. Entering through Porta Bassano, follow the mighty Scaliger walls closely, taking us towards the Carmini Church, and then take the Monte Pausolino path that leads to the Upper Castle in the middle of a large and shady olive plantation. From here you return to the starting point by retracing your steps or by taking the “Antica Strada dei Frati” path, so called because it connected the parish churches along the route that went from the right bank of the Brenta to Thiene. Take it as soon as you leave the East Gate of the Upper Castle and descend to the north of the manor following the appropriate signs.

Opening of the Camino de Ronda

Every Sunday and public holidays, from March to November, the Walk of Ronda awaits you on the walls of Marostica!
Hours: from 10.30 to 17.30
Rates: Adult € 5.00 – Reduced € 3.00 (under 14)
possibility to buy Cumulative Ticket (Lower Castle + Ronda Way) at the ticket office of the Castle
for more information:
Pro Marostica Association
Piazza Castello, 1
0424 72127

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