Tickets for the 2022 edition of the Omaggio a Palladio festival are on sale from Wednesday 9 February 2022 at the headquarters of the Società del Quartetto (Vicolo Cieco Retrone 24, Vicenza / tel . +39 0444 543729) and online on the Vivaticket circuit (

ANDREA BARCA. Presented as an elusive Italian musician, it would actually be a play on words: it corresponds to the Italianization of the name Andras Schiff, and therefore turns out to be a parody of the maestro.
Below, a joking “curriculum”, probably written by Schiff himself, on his Italian “namesake”; note that the same master resides in the Florentine countryside.
«Andrea Barca was a Florentine composer about whom little is known, despite the diligent commitment of modern musicologists. He was born between 1730 and 1735 in Marignolle, near Florence, of peasant parents. He had a close proximity to Mozart in the concert of April 2, 1770, in the villa of Poggio Imperiale in Florence, when he collaborated as a page turner. After that concert he decided to dedicate his life to the performance of Mozart’s piano works; his enthusiasm for this music also brought him to Salzburg, where his efforts were received with alternating evaluations by the local press; soon therefore he returned to Tuscany. Among his compositions, his main work is “La ribollita bruciata”, a playful drama in two acts, which can be considered the culmination of the Tuscan musical production of the time. ”

Our Relais Santa corona is just a few minutes walking from the Olympic Theatre.


Villa Valmarana ai Nani in Vicenza consists of three buildings located in a large park. The Palazzina (1669), the Foresteria and the Scuderia (1720) are surrounded by rose gardens, an Italian garden with a scenic backdrop and a well, and a hornbeam.
The Palazzina and the Foresteria are frescoed by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, called in 1757 by the owner, Giustino Valmarana. The Villa takes its name from the statues of the 17 stone dwarves, once scattered in the garden, now arranged on the wall surrounding the property. The suggestive legend of Princess Layana is linked to them. It is assumed that the real executor of the Dwarves is Francesco Uliaco and the inspirer Giandomenico Tiepolo.
Sunday 27 February 2022 Villa Valmarana ai Nani will be colored with sounds, images and delicacies to celebrate the first Carnival concert in collaboration with Be Ancient Be Cool.
Two hours of fascinating Baroque, Vicentine and Venetian music, a good glass of wine and a pleasant guided tour of the frescoed rooms of the Palazzina della Villa.
For the occasion, the trio Oblivion Soave will perform, with a soprano accompanied by archlute and baroque cello, a selection of Canzoni da Battello, a repertoire performed by Venetian gondoliers in the first half of the eighteenth century, famous for being burlesque, ironic It is funny.
At the end of the concert, everyone present will be offered a glass of wine or fruit juice, for the little ones, accompanied by biscuits from the confectionery firm Loison.
The event will end with a guided tour of the building, frescoed in the mid-1700s by Giambattista Tiepolo and his son Giandomenico.
For tickets, please visit the website:
The villa can be reached from the center of Vicenza and from the Relais Santa Corona in about 15 minutes on foot.


Vicenza can be the perfect destination in Veneto to reach Venice in one day in just 50 minutes by train: our Relais Santa Corona is only a few minutes’ walk from the station. The 2022 “Remenber the future” carnival includes various events in the city until March 1st; it will be a multidimensional event, in which the physicality of the traditional event in presence is integrated with the virtual part, using technology to involve the whole audience of the Carnival, including those who want to participate remotely, from all over the world. The Artistic Direction is by Massimo Checchetto, set designer of the La Fenice Theater.

“Remember the Future” is the title chosen for this edition, and is inspired by a quote from Salvador Dalì: And most of all I remember the future.

“Walking through Venice, although with a specific destination, one is forced to constantly change direction, the calli end in a turning; behind a turning point a surprise, often a wonder, almost always a future. For the theme of this year’s Venice Carnival I thought about our future, that future that this city full of past unleashes in those who live it. Just a place in constant contradiction, where dreams and reality merge ”- declares Massimo Checchetto.

Carnival is a surreal game, beyond logic. Remembering the future seems like a paradox, but precisely this responds to the most authentic spirit of Carnival: a subversion of meaning that allows you to ‘open up’ the mind and open up possible unexpected scenarios. An introspective and creative journey that everyone can undertake to discover the most hidden desires and the most secret aspects of their personality. With the freedom of anonymity, because today, behind a mask, another mask is hidden.

To be updated on all the events visit the official website:

Vicenza: a widespread museum

Six works by Maestro Andrea Roggi will embellish Vicenza from 28 January to 22 August 2022 on the occasion of the exhibition “Terra Mater | Earth and Heaven ”which anticipates VIOFFGoldenGreen, scheduled from 16 to 20 March 2022.
The exhibition is proposed as a path of aesthetic and intellectual contemplation around the themes that inspire the poetics of the renowned Tuscan artist: the relationship with nature combined with the personal one with one’s own cultural roots, as well as the relationship between the individual and time, related to the protagonist. undisputed initiative: Mother Earth.
The exhibition locations that will design an evocative artistic and cultural path are:

  • piazza dei Signori,
  • la Loggia del Capitaniato,
  • piazza delle Erbe,
  • piazzale Alcide De Gasperi,
  • piazza San Lorenzo

Our Relais Santa Corona is very close to all the locations, reachable within a few minutes on foot.

For more informations:

PORTRAIT OF WOMAN new exhibition – Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza

“Portrait of a woman. The dream of the Twenties and the look of Ubaldo Oppi”.

From 6 December 2019 to 13 April 2020, the Municipality of Vicenza will inaugurate the first of a series of 3 exhibitions planned over the next few years in the beautiful setting of the Palladian Basilica. The exhibition is curated by Stefania Portinari, researcher of contemporary art stories at the Cà Foscari University of Venice. As the title suggests, the theme will be given by the painter Ubaldo Oppi, from Vicenza by adoption (in reality he was born in Bologna in 1889). But not only Oppi: Klimt, Picasso, Modigliani, Sironi and Casorati are other artists who came into contact with Oppi, whose works can be admired in an unprecedented narration of a controversial era, the 1920s, in which many changes contribute to creating modernity, through an evolution of social roles, taste and art. The main protagonists of these changes are women and this exhibition is dedicated to them in particular. Images of great charm (about a hundred works on display, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, dresses and jewels) that will win over the visitors of the exhibition in an unpublished tale of the modernity of the Twenties, represented by the icons of Ubaldo Oppi’s women. Our Relais Santa Corona is the ideal point to discover our beautiful city of Vicenza and its center.

Sacred and beauty in Russian art, exhibition at Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza

Until 26 January 2020, in the Baroque setting of the splendid Palazzo Leoni Montanari, next to our Relais Santa Corona, the exhibition “Kandinskij, Gončarova, Chagall. Sacred and beauty in Russian art” will be held.

The masterpieces of Russian artists are around 45 and interact with the precious collection of icons of Intesa San Paolo. A series of works, many of which have never been seen in Italy, mostly from the main museum of Russian art in Moscow, the Tretyakov Gallery, and also from the museums of Yaroslavl, Astrakhan, from the MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art ) And the Bakhrushin Museum of Performing Arts in Moscow, as well as the Musée Natiònal Marc Chagall in Nice and the Museum of Modern Art Costakis collection in Thessaloniki.

The Russian art world renews its interest in icons in the 20th century, even though by the 1800s many artists had shown interest in this kind of sacred art, but it is with the avant-gardes that the apotheosis is noted. For the Russian people – as Kandinsky constantly repeats – beauty is a sort of inner necessity that comes from experiencing, in everyday life (byt), even the invisible (nevidimoe).

Visiting the museum is an opportunity to learn more about Vicenza and all its surrounding beauties!

For info on entry methods and tickets, please consult the website

The great success of the Budapest Orchestra and Vicenza Opera Festival

The second edition of the Vicenza Opera Festival, strongly backed by the Società del Quartetto, Vicenza’s Teatro Olimpico, in collaboration with the Budapest Orchestra conducted by maestro Ivàn Fischer who founded it in 1983 and made it over the years, thanks to the approach innovative, one of the most important in the world.

The program included three performances of the opera “La favola di Orfeo” written by Claudio Monteverdi and a concert with music by Haydn, Handel and Mozart.

The protagonists of the work were guests at our Relais Santa Corona: VALERIO CONTALDO interpreted Orfeo, EMŐKE BARÁTH Euridice, MICHAL CZERNIAWSKI the first pastor.

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Every Sunday, 10.30 am

Villa Valmarana ai Nani offers visitors the opportunity to take a guided tour to the whole complex. During the visit of the Villa the guide will illustrate the historical park, the Palazzina with frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo and the Foresteria with frescoes by Giandomenico Tiepolo.  A journey through charm, history and beauty. The cost of the guide is 3 € per person in addition to the price of the admission ticket. The villa can be reached on foot from our Relais Santa Corona, located in the center of Vicenza, in 30 minutes on foot.

Tel 0444 321803


Tutte le domeniche, ore 10.30

Villa Valmarana ai Nani offre ai visitatori l possibilità di effettuare una visita guidata all’intero complesso. Durante la visita della Villa la guida illustrerà il parco storico, la Palazzina con gli affreschi di Giambattista Tiepolo e la Foresteria con gli affreschi di Giandomenico Tiepolo. Un viaggio attraverso fascino, storia e bellezza. Il costo della guida è di 3 € a persona in aggiunta al prezzo del biglietto d’ ingresso. La villa è raggiungibile a piedi dal nostro Relais Santa Corona, collocato nel centro di Vicenza, in 30 minuti a piedi.

Tel 0444 321803


New BIKES RENTAL SERVICE in Vicenza at Relais Santa Corona

With the spring’ arrival, take advantage of the good weather to visit our beautiful city, located in the heart of the Veneto. Our Relais Santa Corona offers a new service: the rental bikes for our clients! Vicenza could be a wonderful base for visit the surrounding areas: for beginners there are many flat routes, for the most experienced there are paths on the hills. Reserve a room in our Relais and ask to our reception for more informations!