Implement safety measures to ensure that bike travelers sleep peacefully: a few days ago we equipped our bike area with a gate, a perfect bike room for parking your own vehicle, even an electric one. A small officina is also available.

Come and visit us in Vicenza and sleep in our Relais Santa Corona!

There are many possible routes in the area, take a look at these:

Relais Santa Corona in Vicenza, much better than a hotel!

Vicenzatour 2023 – Villa Ghislanzoni Curti

A few kilometers from Vicenza, stands the village of Bertesina, whose etymology of the name reminds us of the two fundamental elements of the Vicenza fraction: the Earth (Brait) and the Water (Tesina), elements on which the men and women of the past have built their existence.

Hence, in the most ancient times, the landscape was filled with mill wheels and humble houses that were very different from the elegant city residences. But, over the centuries, these lands so close to Vicenza were also chosen for stately homes, such as the eighteenth-century Villa Ghislanzoni Curti. Through a guided tour, the history of the village and its evolution will be re-proposed, with an explanation of Villa Ghislanzoni Curti, which houses an elegant Italian garden, a historic park of over three hectares and a greenhouse from the early twentieth century. Unique in its kind, the latter welcomes the visitor with an enveloping ficus repens which gives the room a late-romantic look. The location can be reached from our Relais Santa Corona by car. Relais Santa Corona, much better than a hotel!


Today let’s talk of… Villa La Rotonda in Vicenza

La Rotonda is the happy outcome of the encounter between the genius of Andrea Palladio, an architect at the peak of his career, and the nobleman from Vicenza Paolo Almerico (1514-1589), a cultured, ambitious and haughty man. He was an ecclesiastic who, after being appointed to Rome as apostolic referendary of Popes Pius IV and Pius V, retired to private life in his hometown: in 1565 he entrusted Palladio with the project for his new home on a hill near the of Vicenza, a bucolic refuge where you can spend the last years of your life away from the hostility of the city aristocracy, but at the same time a place of representation in a clearly visible position.

«In the interior this could strictly be said to be habitable, but not made to be inhabited. The hall is of the most beautiful proportions, as are the rooms; but the whole would hardly be enough for a summer residence for a distinguished family“: Goethe‘s words on a visit to the Rotonda in 1786 underline the eccentricity of this architectural project compared to the other Palladian villas. The internal spaces, in fact, are organized according to a single person, just as the geometric relationships and symbolic references are a continuous celebration of its client, Paolo Almerico: the Rotonda combines the agricultural functions of a rural Venetian villa and the sacred space of a pagan temple (as the columns of the four pronariums recall) or a Christian one (symbolized by the domed vault) in the center of which is the man of the sixteenth century. A villa-temple, therefore, where Antiquity meets the aspirations of the Renaissance nobleman and where, like a microcosm, cosmic and natural forces manifest themselves.

Neither Palladio nor Almerico saw the Rotonda completed: on the architect’s death in 1580 Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548-1616), his disciple and refined designer, took over the management of the construction site. His is the addition of the long barchessa along the driveway to the villa and the completion of the dome, no longer hemispherical as in the Palladian project, but with a lowered vault with a central oculus inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.

La Rotonda can be reached from our Relais Santa Corona in about 25 minutes on foot or by renting our bicycles in 15 minutes. Relais Santa Corona in Vicenza, much better than a hotel!

Villa La Rotonda is open to ordinary visits every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10-12/15-18 without reservation


FLOWER MARKET IN VICENZA 14-15-16 April 2023


“Fiori, Colori e…”, the market exhibition dedicated to floriculture, vegetable gardens, botany and natural products returns to Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Castello from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 April, from 9 to 20 with a spectacular setting The event, now in its 15th edition, organized by the cultural association “Il Tritone” in collaboration with the municipal administration, will transform the heart of the city into a flower garden for three days. Piazza Castello will be “painted” in the purple of the “Lavanda del Lago” with proposals for 100 percent organic products and other curiosities. Many varieties of plants and flowers will be exhibited in Piazza dei Signori. The event will be an opportunity to find small tools, furnishing accessories and objects to decorate your green spaces.

From Friday 14 to Sunday 16 April 2022 in Vicenza

The Relais Santa Corona is the ideal place to stop and visit the historic centre.

Santo Stefano Room at our Relais Santa Corona

We have chosen a different name for each room of our Relais Santa Corona in Vicenza: today we are talking about the SANTO STEFANO ROOM

The church of Santo Stefano is a religious building in Vicenza, in Italy, built in the Baroque style between the end of the 17th and the first half of the 18th century on the site of one of the oldest chapels in the city. Given the antiquity of the cult of the martyr Stephen, Sottani believes it probable that a chapel in his honor was built in Vicenza in the earliest times of Christianity. However, the first certain mention relating to a chapel dedicated to the saint is contained in a bull of Pope Urban III of 1186, with which he confirms the donations that the Bishop of Vicenza Pistore had made to the canonicals of the cathedral the previous year. In 1692 Count Ascanio Thiene – expressing his wish to be buried in the church of the Theatine fathers, in the chapel of San Gaetano, wrapped in his white cloak as a member of the Confraternity of the Gonfalone – left 1000 ducats to be used for the construction of a new church. The blessing of the foundation stone took place on 25 June 1695 with the specific purpose of honoring Saint Cajetan Thiene – since 1672 proclaimed by the “very grave Council of 150” new co-patron of Vicenza together with Saint Vincent – and to commemorate his canonization, so much so that the church was named after these two saints.

Our Relais Santa Corona is very close to the church of Santo Stefano, just a few meters on foot.

Relais Santa Corona in Vicenza, much better than a hotel.



The event that will be held by the Fiera di Vicenza will be divided into two large themed areas: one dedicated to the apartment, with furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor use, and one of the services of living comfort, such as interior fittings, buildings, impiantistica, calore and energetic risparmio. A thematic raggruppamento fruit of a true and proper restyling that has renewed the 2015 edition of SpazioCasa to render the visit even more simple and rich in spunti. I proposed the various arrangement of the most classic ones to the most innovative ones with complements of the furniture, accessories and decorative elements. Saranno presenti anche artisani capaci di realizzare mobili su misura per tutte le esigenze oltre agli stand aziendali. “Spazio Casa” proposes a modern house with all its energy efficiency systems, even more sorgent with innovative and rivestimenti interiors and sterni eco-compatible and antibatteric, icon of design and unique light art, in step with the evolution of concetto di abitare.

The Fiera di Vicenza is accessible in 10 minutes by car from our Relais Santa Corona.

Free entrance


The area on which Vicenza stands has been inhabited for at least 2500 years and under the elegant and Palladian appearance of the city ancient memories are hidden that few are aware of. This tour will open the archaeological area located under the Cathedral which reveals itself as a real palimpsest of the history of Vicenza from the Roman to the early Christian and medieval times. The location is very close to our Relais Santa Corona, just a couple of minutes away on foot.

STAGES: The tour is made up of two parts, a first introductory part “on the surface” and a second where you will descend to a depth of about 6 meters, under the cathedral.

For further information





After the huge success of “Dodici Note Solo”, Claudio Baglioni will be back live from November with new live dates in the major opera and traditional theaters in Italy. “Dodici Note Solo Bis” will once again see Baglioni – voice, piano and other instruments – with the most precious compositions of his repertoire, the absolute protagonist of the most exciting concert of the extraordinary career of an artist synonymous with great music and poetry, winner of the 2022 Tenco Prize The location can be reached in 5 minutes by car from the center of Vicenza and from our Relais Santa Corona.

Municipal Theater – Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 39, Vicenza

When: 11 December 2022 21:00




Not long now! The great exhibition on ancient Egypt will be inaugurated on 22 December 2022 in the wonderful location of the Basilica Palladiana in the center of Vicenza. From our Relais Santa Corona it can be reached in a couple of minutes on foot.

The exhibition provides a cross-section of daily life in ancient Egypt, with a particular focus on Thebes, today’s Luxor, and Deir el-Medina, the village, founded around 1500 BC, where scribes, draftsmen and craftsmen worked to build and decorate the tombs of the pharaohs in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, shaping the imagination of the ancient civilization born on the banks of the Nile.

The exhibition brings together more than 180 objects, in addition to the Egyptian finds, there are about twenty loans from the Louvre in Paris. On display are masterpieces of statuary, sarcophagi, papyri, bas-reliefs, sculpted and painted steles, amphorae and amulets. Many treasures will be revealed during the exhibition, including the anthropoid sarcophagus of Khonsuirdis and the famous trousseau of Queen Nefertari, who returns to Italy, in Vicenza, after several years of touring abroad.



Every Saturday the tourist office will organize walking tours around the city centre to discover the symbolic places of Vicenza. The tour will last 2 hours and the rate will be 10 euro per person, leaving at 2.15 from Iat in Piazza Matteotti, reachable in a couple of minutes walking from our Relais Santa Corona.

For informations: 0039 (0) 444 320584.