Durante questo momento particolare il nostro Relais ha deciso per motivi di sicurezza di sospendere il servizio di prima colazione ma di riconvertire la sala adibendola a meeting co-working room: connessione con fibra e wi-fi gratuito, postazioni con tavoli e sedie, angolo caffè e tisane, sono a disposizione gratuita di tutti i nostri ospiti.

During this particular moment our Relais has decided for safety reasons it to suspend the breakfast service but to convert it as a co-working room: fiber internet connection and free wi-fi, workstations with tables and chairs, coffee and herbal teas corner are available for free to all our guests.


Corona Virus

Causa Coronavirus il Relais Santa Corona adotta le seguenti norme al fine di evitare qualsiasi contatto e mettere in sicurezza gli ospiti e gli operatori:

il check-in verrà fatto o in presenza del personale o in autonomia dall’ospite a seconda della preferenza, con prelievo della chiave elettronica da una cassetta di sicurezza posta nell’androne e accessibile nelle 24 ore. Il documento verrà richiesto al momento della prenotazione così come la carta di credito a garanzia.

Al check-out l’ospite potrà lasciare la chiave in camera ed uscire in completa autonomia.

Per maggiore sicurezza le chiavi magnetiche, i telecomandi, le pulsantiere verranno protette da pellicole monouso o sempre sanificate adeguatamente.

Le stanze vengono occupate solo se rimaste inutilizzate ed arieggiate almeno 3 giorni, il giorno prima dell’arrivo dell’sopite vengono preparate e sanificate.


Due to Coronavirus, the Relais Santa Corona adopts the following rules in order to avoid any contact and make guests and operators safe.

The check-in will be done in the present of the staff or independently by the guest depending oon the preference with the collection of the electronic key from a safe located in the entrance hall and accessible within 24 hours. The document will be requested at the time of booking as well as the credit card as guarantee.

Upon check-out, the guest can leave the key in the room and exit independently.

For greater safety, magnetic keys, remote controls and push-button panels will be protected by disposable films or sanitize after use.

The rooms are occupied only if they have been left unused and aired for at least 3 days, the day before the arrival of the guest they are prepared and sanitized.

PORTRAIT OF WOMAN new exhibition – Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza

“Portrait of a woman. The dream of the Twenties and the look of Ubaldo Oppi”.

From 6 December 2019 to 13 April 2020, the Municipality of Vicenza will inaugurate the first of a series of 3 exhibitions planned over the next few years in the beautiful setting of the Palladian Basilica. The exhibition is curated by Stefania Portinari, researcher of contemporary art stories at the Cà Foscari University of Venice. As the title suggests, the theme will be given by the painter Ubaldo Oppi, from Vicenza by adoption (in reality he was born in Bologna in 1889). But not only Oppi: Klimt, Picasso, Modigliani, Sironi and Casorati are other artists who came into contact with Oppi, whose works can be admired in an unprecedented narration of a controversial era, the 1920s, in which many changes contribute to creating modernity, through an evolution of social roles, taste and art. The main protagonists of these changes are women and this exhibition is dedicated to them in particular. Images of great charm (about a hundred works on display, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, dresses and jewels) that will win over the visitors of the exhibition in an unpublished tale of the modernity of the Twenties, represented by the icons of Ubaldo Oppi’s women. Our Relais Santa Corona is the ideal point to discover our beautiful city of Vicenza and its center.

Sacred and beauty in Russian art, exhibition at Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza

Until 26 January 2020, in the Baroque setting of the splendid Palazzo Leoni Montanari, next to our Relais Santa Corona, the exhibition “Kandinskij, Gončarova, Chagall. Sacred and beauty in Russian art” will be held.

The masterpieces of Russian artists are around 45 and interact with the precious collection of icons of Intesa San Paolo. A series of works, many of which have never been seen in Italy, mostly from the main museum of Russian art in Moscow, the Tretyakov Gallery, and also from the museums of Yaroslavl, Astrakhan, from the MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art ) And the Bakhrushin Museum of Performing Arts in Moscow, as well as the Musée Natiònal Marc Chagall in Nice and the Museum of Modern Art Costakis collection in Thessaloniki.

The Russian art world renews its interest in icons in the 20th century, even though by the 1800s many artists had shown interest in this kind of sacred art, but it is with the avant-gardes that the apotheosis is noted. For the Russian people – as Kandinsky constantly repeats – beauty is a sort of inner necessity that comes from experiencing, in everyday life (byt), even the invisible (nevidimoe).

Visiting the museum is an opportunity to learn more about Vicenza and all its surrounding beauties!

For info on entry methods and tickets, please consult the website

The great success of the Budapest Orchestra and Vicenza Opera Festival

The second edition of the Vicenza Opera Festival, strongly backed by the Società del Quartetto, Vicenza’s Teatro Olimpico, in collaboration with the Budapest Orchestra conducted by maestro Ivàn Fischer who founded it in 1983 and made it over the years, thanks to the approach innovative, one of the most important in the world.

The program included three performances of the opera “La favola di Orfeo” written by Claudio Monteverdi and a concert with music by Haydn, Handel and Mozart.

The protagonists of the work were guests at our Relais Santa Corona: VALERIO CONTALDO interpreted Orfeo, EMŐKE BARÁTH Euridice, MICHAL CZERNIAWSKI the first pastor.

For more information, please visit


New appointment with guided tours held by the Vicenza guides, Saturday 28 September at 6.15 pm to discover the most famous Palladian villa, the Rotonda.

The garden, the noble floor and also for the occasion the ground floor and kitchens, usually closed, will be visited. True stories, chronicles of the villa and of the Vicenza society of the time.

A visit to the villa is an excellent opportunity to discover the city of Vicenza, a UNESCO heritage site.

For reservations, please write to our reception of our Relais Santa Corona at

The Villa:

Villa Almerico Capra called La Rotonda (also known as Villa Capra Valmarana) is a Venetian villa with a central layout located near the city of Vicenza, not far from the road of the Riviera Berica. Built by Paolo Almerico, who commissioned it from Andrea Palladio in 1566-1567, it was completed by Vincenzo Scamozzi in 1605 for the two Capra brothers, who had acquired the building in 1591.

La Rotonda, as it later became known, is one of the most famous and imitated buildings in the history of modern architecture; it is undoubtedly the most famous villa of Palladio and, probably, of all the Venetian villas. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1994.


Located in Piazza Castello in the heart of the historic center of Vicenza, a stone’s throw from our Relais Santa Corona, the tower has undergone recent restoration work and will host temporary contemporary art exhibitions. The first exhibition, which will present a series of unpublished works, including paintings and drawings by Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy, specially designed for the Torrione spaces, represents the possibility of approaching the work of two key figures in the international painting scene of the last decades. Their experience is strongly linked to the city of Leipzig, where, from the beginning of the twentieth century until the 2000s, a figurative language was formed which formed an important school of painting (the Leipzig school, in fact) that involved several generations of German artists. The current exhibition will end on 08/31/19.


Every Sunday, 10.30 am

Villa Valmarana ai Nani offers visitors the opportunity to take a guided tour to the whole complex. During the visit of the Villa the guide will illustrate the historical park, the Palazzina with frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo and the Foresteria with frescoes by Giandomenico Tiepolo.  A journey through charm, history and beauty. The cost of the guide is 3 € per person in addition to the price of the admission ticket. The villa can be reached on foot from our Relais Santa Corona, located in the center of Vicenza, in 30 minutes on foot.

Tel 0444 321803


Tutte le domeniche, ore 10.30

Villa Valmarana ai Nani offre ai visitatori l possibilità di effettuare una visita guidata all’intero complesso. Durante la visita della Villa la guida illustrerà il parco storico, la Palazzina con gli affreschi di Giambattista Tiepolo e la Foresteria con gli affreschi di Giandomenico Tiepolo. Un viaggio attraverso fascino, storia e bellezza. Il costo della guida è di 3 € a persona in aggiunta al prezzo del biglietto d’ ingresso. La villa è raggiungibile a piedi dal nostro Relais Santa Corona, collocato nel centro di Vicenza, in 30 minuti a piedi.

Tel 0444 321803



First appointment, Sunday 2 June 2019.

Musical weeks at the Olympic Theater: the seasons in the world on their way from Venice to Buenos Aires. They return to the Musical Weeks at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, a jewel of Andrea Palladio, 2019 edition. The protagonists will be Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the “Cuatro Estagiones Portenas” by Piazzolla, the latter in the version for violin and orchestra written for Sonig Tchakerian by M ° Luis Bacalov. A concert is an excellent opportunity to get to know our beautiful city and the Relais Santa Corona is the ideal accommodation, located in the historic center, just a few minutes walk from the theater.

To purchase tickets, please visit the website of Settimane Musicali:


Primo appuntamento, domenica 2 giugno 2019.

Settimane musicali al Teatro Olimpico: le stagioni nel mondo in cammino da Venezia a Buenos Aires.Tornano alle Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, gioiello di Andrea Palladio, edizione 2019.  Protagoniste saranno le Quattro Stagioni di Vivaldi e le “Cuatro Estagiones Portenas” di Piazzolla, queste ultime nella versione per violino e orchestra scritta per Sonig Tchakerian da M° Luis Bacalov. Un concerto è un’ottima occasione per conoscere la nostra bella città ed il Relais Santa Corona costituisce alloggio ideale, collocato in pieno centro storico, pochi minuti a piedi dal Teatro.

Per acquistare i biglietti si prega di visitare il sito delle Settimane Musicali :